4WD-2WD Switch

Switch from smooth roads to rugged terrain with the flick of the 4WD-2WD knob. Feel the freedom to go farther and do more.

Engine Performance

Packing rich torque at low to medium speeds, FJ’s muscular V6 engine delivers power all the way through to the high rpm range.

Crawl Control (Option)

FJ gets you over steep slopes with ease thanks to the crawl control system that makes driving on rough terrain or slippery surfaces easier.

Rear Differential Lock

Master rocky, sandy, or muddy terrain with the help of the rear differential lock. Even if it loses traction, the system prevents the wheel from spinning in the air.

Robust Suspension

Your FJ Cruiser is equipped with front double wishbone suspension and rear four-link rigid suspension that work with twin tube shock absorbers for super smooth rides.

Extra Fuel Tank (Option)

To ensure that you have enough fuel for long-distance driving, the FJ has an optional 87-litre supplemental fuel tank to the 72-litre standard fuel tank.