Mafaz Prosthetics Orthotics for amputees and physically-challenge people

Mafaz Medical Jordan

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شركة المشرق والمغرب العربي لصناعة الأجهزة المنزلية الأردن.

Mashreq & Maghreb Household Appliances Industry CO Jordan.



Proud and powerful, the Land Cruiser's iconic style has evolved over 60 years. Stand tall and stand out with the formidable 4WD.

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As the Land Cruiser takes on the roughest roads with expert stability and power, watch its frame and body merge in an unequalled synergy of strength.

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Wherever you go, the Highlander has convenience built right in with smart features, a roomy interior and impressive leg room. Enjoy a relaxing drive.

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Whether you’re negotiating busy city roads or dashing through desert dunes, your Land Cruiser is geared with the latest tech to ensure your safety.

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