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Saudi’s youth who will lead change and make a difference. They are the core of the work and the experts who will be instrumental in developing and advancing the company by thinking creatively and facing challenges head-on.

Where the vision of Saleh AlBazai Company during the following years depends on providing all the requirements and needs of the market for cars in various forms and categories due to the importance and impact of cars on society and humanity, by expanding the concept of cars from the simple means of transportation that it is now, to a new space that connects people to their family, work and community. It is intended to achieve the required deployment and deliberate expansion of the company’s branches across Saudi Arabia, to become a permanent customer companion and a permanent partner in the automotive industry, and more for a better future, targeting important segments of society: women, youth, new families, and business owners.

Our primary goal is to to strengthen the relationship with our customers by delivering the best quality, flawless service, directing all our efforts to satisfying our customers, and striving for excellence from the moment a visitor enters to the company’s customers. Saleh AlBazai Co. will reintroduce and sell new models of Toyota and Lexus despite the current challenges, which are a step to seize real opportunities for success in the Saudi market and achieve sales and offer distinct categories at competitive prices to customers.