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Models: LC


The stunning beauty, distinctive presence, and dynamic performance of the LC are the unconstrained realization of the ‘Seduction & Technology’ design concept. Close collaboration between the design and engineering teams confirmed the gorgeous form that seduces the eye, is matched by an exhilarating driving experience, in a fusion that only Lexus can achieve.


The low center of gravity and dynamic stance of the taut body project a powerful presence, highlighting the bold three-dimensional form that accentuates the LC’s coupe agility.

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The naturally aspirated V8 engine generates a dynamic feeling of limitless acceleration and powerful output for luxury sports car driving. Refining the intake and exhaust components enhances driving performance to rea  lize an emotional driving experience.

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The sophisticated inverted trapezoid design of the 3-eye headlamps projects a high-tech image. The distinctive graphics accentuate a feeling of depth, and contrast with the arrowhead-shaped LED DRL (Daytime Running Lamp) that emits a subtle Lexus signature. The very compact unit contributes to the low hood, short overhang and lightweight body.

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When the radar and camera sensors detect a collision with a vehicle ahead is likely, it alerts the driver and activates pre-crash brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If it determines a collision is difficult to avoid, then the pre-crash brakes and pre-crash seatbelts also operate.

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F Sport

At the Motomachi Plant in Japan, Takumi craftsmen apply carbon-forming technology developed for the Lexus LFA supercar. The use of CFRP creates a roof with strength and rigidity comparable to steel but with less weight, contributing to the low center of gravity at the heart of sports driving performance.

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