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4.0L V6 Petrol Engine

Obtain exceptional power at all rpms and in all drive conditions, with excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

4.6L V8 Petrol Engine

Tap into outstanding power across the entire speed range. Take advantage of enhanced fuel efficiency and low exhaust emissions.

5.7L V8 Petrol Engine

Here’s a powerful engine you can count on to deliver awesome performance with surprising fuel efficiency.

8-Speed Super ECT

With the 8-speed Super Electronically Controlled Transmission, you can expect smooth shifting that balances high fuel efficiency and engine performance. Sequential shift control also lets you experience the joy of manual driving.

All-Terrain Capability

Explore the most challenging roads with the "King of 4WD". Toyota's innovative Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System delivers a smooth and comfortable driving experience that no other vehicle can match.

Crawl Control with Turn Assist Function

Conquer the most difficult terrains such as sand inclines, rocks or deep mud with zero stress. Engage Toyota Land Cruiser’s sophisticated Crawl Control system for added stability, even as the off-road Turn Asist aids in navigating tight turns.

Hill-Start Assist Control

Even on a steep incline, the Land Cruiser is completely safe, applying brake pressure to help hold the vehicle whenever rollback is detected.

Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)

On rough terrain, Land Cruiser’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System helps keep all tyres firmly in contact with the ground, helping you enjoy a safe, stable ride with excellent traction. 

 On normal roads, KDSS helps suppress body roll, supporting superior steering stability and a steady ride when cornering.

Multi-Terrain Monitor

You will appreciate an all-round perspective of the road, especially in rough conditions, thanks to multiple cameras mounted on the Land Cruiser, which are connected to the Multi-terrain Monitor.

Multi-Terrain Select

Choose from five drive modes to handle slippery surfaces like mud/sand and loose rock, or non-slippery surfaces like moguls and rock. Enjoy secure, sure-footed control when traveling over rough terrain.

Turn Assist Function

Even if you are in a cramped area, the Turn Assist function will enable you to turn in a tight space by applying wheel braking independently to reduce the turning circle.