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Automatic High Beam

Have no fear where roads are dimly lit. The automatic high beam feature will automatically turn on high beam headlights to illuminate the road ahead – and also automatically turn the high beams off when oncoming vehicles are detected.

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Your Land Cruiser’s Blind Spot Monitor warns you when a vehicle in the next lane enters its blind spot on either side. You can reverse safely with the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert that sounds a warning, and also applies the brakes when it senses vehicles approaching from either side.

Emergency Brake Signal

In a critical situation such as sudden braking, the Land Cruiser’s emergency braking signal automatically flashes the stop lamps to alert surrounding drivers, helping to reduce rear-end collisions.

Multi-terrain ABS with EBD

A valuable safety feature wherever you are, the Anti-lock Brake System helps to prevent your wheels from locking up when braking. Further, the Electronic Brake-force Distribution helps bring your Land Cruiser to a halt effectively.

Pre-Crash Safety and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Using an advanced camera and radar system, your Land Cruiser is designed to reduce the likelihood of colliding with a preceding car or pedestrian. What’s more, you can safely adjust your speed, and maintain a pre-set distance from the car in front of you.

SRS Airbags

Your Land Cruiser offers best-in-class protection for all passengers with SRS driver airbag, SRS front passenger airbag and SRS knee airbags (for Driver and front-seat passenger), as well as and SRS side and curtain-shield airbags for cabin occupants.

Vehicle Stability Control

Get extra help when you need it! The switchable Vehicle Stability Control helps you stay on course by automatically controlling the braking and engine power applied to each wheel.