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Body Structures

Ever solid, ever reliable – the exceptional build quality of YARIS hatchback supports a solid ride with a feeling of stability. Feel the strength and increased aerodynamics of the newly developed body.

Smooth and Stable

With a ride so smooth, you may not even realise how fast you are going thanks to the excellent handling stability and ride comfort. Plus, aero stabilising fins for optimum control of airflow.

Steering (EPS)

EPS (Electric Power Steering) control provides feedback to the steering wheel even when in a near-neutral position.

Suspension and Brake

Newly developed strut-type suspension provides a long-term reliability and highly efficient use of space. 15-inch disc brakes and 14-inch disc brakes are available for the front brakes and 15-inch disc brakes and leading-trailing type drum brakes are available for the rear brakes.